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Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon is the host of Art and Technology podcast
Art and Technology
podcast- A fireside
chat where art and
technology meet

We are looking for a special guest for this podcast—

The theme of the podcasts—
“A Fireside Chat Where Art and Technology Meet.”

Host Bridgette Mongeon, is reviving The Art and Technology Podcasts. The spark of the regeneration of the podcasts is due to the many inspiring guests that are featured in the hosts soon to be released book, 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft.

“The artists and vendors featured in the book “3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft” are some of the finest artists in the field. They are gracious enough to share their tips/tricks, software and vendors. This makes the book a valuable tool for all artists. The work featured is truly inspiring. It is impossible to put all of the suggestions of the artists into the book. The podcasts give the reading audience additional information, while also giving the reader/listener an opportunity to sit in on a more intimate conversation with many of the people featured,”
States author and podcast host Bridgette Mongeon

Podcasting with Bridgette Mongeon

The author/and host is still looking for artists and vendors who are doing unusual and creative things with 3D technology to feature on both podcasts and in the book, but more than that, there is an immediate need for the first guest for the re-introductory podcasts.

The specifics needed for this first special guest is a guest with a 3D technology website, magazine or blog that has a following and can change things up a bit with a dual interview. In this first podcast, the host will interview the magazine and the magazine will interview the author/host concerning the up and coming book. If you have a publication or you know of a publication that might be interested, please contact the author directly.

We are trying to fill this spot and recorded this podcast before the 6th of April or sooner.

The podcasts were originally created in 2010 by host Bridgette Mongeon in conjunction with her last book Digital Sculpting in Mudbox: Essential Tools and Techniques for artists. The Mudbox book was one of the first books to include information on 3D printing, scanning and milling for artists. The podcasts also rounded out her thesis as she completed her MFA in the merging of the fine art studio and 3D technology.

Give a listen to the old podcasts-

Podcast Guests from the Previous Art and Technology Podcasts-2010

  • Authors, Mike de la Flor and Bridgette Mongeon speak about Digital Sculpting in Mudbox book Listen from browser
  • Robert Michael Smith- pioneer in technology and CNC stone carver Listen from browser
  • Joris Debo- talks about advances at Materialise .MGX Listen from browser
  • Kevin Gillespie talks his own experiences with copyright and 3D technology Listen from browser
  • Digital Scanning with Next Engine Scanner Dan Gustafson Listen from browser
  • 3D printing of skin and fine art? Interview with the director of SymbioticA Listen from browser

Podcast Guests For New Podcasts Coming -2014

  • Introductory Podcast – YOUR COMPANY HERE-
  • Joshua Harker- 3d Printing of fine art, kickstarter and more
  • Bathsheba Grossman- pioneer in 3D printing of art, 3D printing in metal and math in art
  • 3D Printing of Jewelry with Lisa Kirkawa
  • Experiments in 3D printing fused deposition modeling and investment casting
  • MCor technology pushing the limits with 3D printing of paper, in full color
  • Artists and Digital Stone Project spokesperson Jon Isherwood talks about 3D,  and CNC Milling
  • Eric Van Straaten talks about 3D printing in color and fine art

There are many, many more scheduled recordings.

About the Author’s new book

3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft.

The audience for the book is both fine artists and graphic artists. Besides the inspiration, the book helps the reader navigate through the tools, processes and vendors in 3D technology. They can then realize their art in the physical world. The book features many different artists their work and inspiration as well as chapters on 3D printing, CNC milling, 3D scanning, modeling and sculpting, copyrights and more. The artists share what they do, how they make their art and why, and where to find their resources. The book makes the transition of incorporating the technology with the traditional craft less daunting and quite a bit of fun.

The Digital Details for The Podcasts
The podcasts, once posted, are public. The links to these incredible conversations can be used on any website, blogs and easily be shared with others. Each interviewee will receive the links to their podcasts to use however they like. If you have a blog, website,  3D magazine, or Facebook page you are welcome to us them as free content for your publication. Subscribe to the podcasts in iTunes and you will know when one is available.

The podcasts, once published, will continue to appear at They will also be on the new books website- to be announced, and can be found in iTunes and through the authors Facebook page as well as through the authors twitter feed.

If your company would like to sponsor the Art and Technology podcasts please  contact the podcast host directly. This is a great opportunity for vendors and service bureaus. Also available are sponsorship opportunities on the books accompanying website.


Bridgette Mongeon is a sculptor, writer, illustrator and educator as well as a public speaker.

Her blog can be found at

She is the vice chair of the planning committee for 3DCAMP Houston 2012 and 2013

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