She Is Learning

The new dog, we should really find a temporary name for it, has learned the process. We are always here. Shadow would be a good name as she goes up and down the stairs following me. Our offices are on the second floor, the studio on the first. Thank God she has learned not to jump up every time I am downstairs and need a tool on the shelf, or to warm my coffee in the microwave. Or upstairs when I run from my computer to the accounting computer. She so wants someone to play with her, and Emmy could not be bothered. Our retriever that passed away was the great foster uncle. He would play with the puppies and tire them out.

I guess having someone around all the time is good, but we really work a lot here and only play on the way to the house.

Hubby said, “she has not jumped into the pond yet.” No, she has not. I wonder why as she appears to be a lab. But all dogs that come here consider the pond their personal watering dish.

Still no home for her, on the upside, she has been a good resource for the growth pattern of hair for my little dog sculpture.

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