Shipping Artwork

That pallet is 3′ wide. This is a big sculpture.

I’m learning more and more about shipping of artwork.  I have to say, as with any vendor, great customer service means the world to me.  I have worked with Lace for years. She has shipped my artwork from one edge of the United States to the other, and this year gave me quotes on getting the Neil Armstrong sculpture to Moscow.  When I found out she left the freight company I was using, I was painfully aware of how important it was to have someone you could call and would make sure everything was o.k.  I was so excited to hear her call me from her new company.

Lace, I will follow you wherever you go. I am a fan of your customer service!

These are some big feet!

This time I’m not shipping artwork off, I’m receiving some very large piece of armature from a company in Idaho. You will see some more on that project very soon, 9 working days from tomorrow actually.  As that is how long it will take to get it from Idaho to Houston.

Anytime I work on a job I learn things.  For example, when crating something and needing a lift gate. A lift gate is important for me as my studio is not in a warehouse. My shipping and receiving is my home driveway – my studio is behind my home.  Anyway, to use a lift gate you really should not crate up a piece any wider than 87″ or it will not fit in the doorway of the truck.

Sometimes you have to think about delivery when you are creating projects. We did this with the tiger.  After I get these pieces from Idaho I’m going to have to get the entire bronze to Louisiana. lace offered some suggestions in the width of the project so that it could fit nicely on a flat bed. I hope I revised the design accordingly. I know I will count on Lace to do a good job in shipping.   So, if you need something shipped, give Lace a call.

If you need to reach Lase for an estimate here is her contact information.

Acts Crating & Transportation Services

Acts Crating & Transportation Services
7207 B Wynnwood Ln
Houston TX 77008
713-869-2BOX (2269) work
713-969-9009 cell
713-880-3389 fax

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