Some Thoughts-The Hair

Continuing our work on the Praying Man for Dallas Baptist University. You can find their project blog on Blogspot.

I know that you had said you might prefer a different hairstyle. I do hope you will consider my suggestions and thoughts about the hair. I don’t believe I make these decisions for the art on my own; I do feel that there is meaning and intention that is greater than my own that goes into these details.

When beginning to sculpt the hair I tried a few different hairstyles. The wispy look of the hair is inspired by Jeane-Antoine Houdon sculpture of inventor Robert Fulton. I loved creating the hair. It was at night, the interns go home, and I am alone with the sculpture. It is my favorite working time because that is when I can “hear”the intentions that are coming from my hands. It is very similar to “feeling” direction after prayer while rocking in the rocking chair.I am pleased with the hair, and when asked if I could change it the thought startled me. I had to ask, why? Why God, why is this hair so important to me?I stepped back and said, it is full of emotion. It is just above the arms of the chair, and because it is full of emotion and motion it draws you in to the rest of the sculpture.

I sought more; this is an artist reason, but it felt a deeper attachment to this hair? Why? I thought of how I strive to change to live in God’s image. My heart reminded me that I go to my prayer closet to seek God, I am not perfect. It seems that in this sacred place of this sculpture the man should not be “perfect.” When I go to God in prayer I don’t have everything in place, I don’t have everything figured out. I come to seek God, just as I am. Sometimes, this praying time is easy, ritualistic, other times it is heart wrenching. I bring the loss of a child, a parent, and a relationship. I come seeking a deeper knowing of God, a direction. It is these times—as I am bending on my knees I am I am running my fingers through my hair as my knees hit the ground. “This is yours Lord, I need you, I can’t do this alone, I need your guidance, and I am only a man and not perfect. I will sit here as long as it takes, I am in earnest and seek my perfection in your grace. ”The man kneels, his hands resting on the word of God, the arms of rocker embracing him as he seeks.

You are the client, I will change the hair, in the wax to whatever you like; however, I do hope you will entertain and pray about the creative direction of the artist and the intent behind the guiding of my hands.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday. Bridgette

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