Splits In The Air! Look At The Bottom Of My Feet

Don’t you love these air splits! If you notice in the photograph, I brought the accounting lap top downstairs to watch the video. I turned it on, and paused it where I wanted it to be, and then would work on Jenna.

When sculpting, You have to work on areas that many people will never see. It is a good time to do this since her wings are almost ready to attach and after that, this pose would be impossible.

The delicate little hands have been cradled in my own large muscular sculpting hands for most of the day. It makes it much easier to work on them. The hands are roughed in and will be finished today, as the apprentice smooths other areas of her body, especially those legs. I’ll put a type of texture on those tights when she is finished. The two of us will also work on her lace on her bodice. Two people working on this may only take a couple of hours. Once I feel confident about her legs, and tights I will sit her upright and begin the final details, but before attaching wings and hands I want to take a good look at her face one more time. This time with the help of the videos. I can already see some things that I will change a bit, the indentation over both sides of her upper lip, when she holds such a big smile, the position of the teeth, and those special ears.

One would think that the left side of ones body is the same as the right. NOT SO! A sculptor must study both sides and in fact when reference information is not available for both sides of the body and an artist uses one side reference and flips the image to show the missing side the results are never a likeness. I remember one person I sculpted has a left side of her face was at least 1″ wider than the right. In her 70 years she had never really noticed it. I did!

Jenna’s left ear is very different than her right. I’ll be comparing a lot with the videos. We are well on our way to finishing. I know Monday is a holiday, I doubt I’ll be able to get my approval on Monday, so I’ll shoot for approval by Tuesday. Molds will be made on Tuesday evening, unless changes need to be made and I’ll push that to Wed and Thursday. Then Jenna will be off to the foundry for waxes!

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