Such A Sweet Thing!

She is coming along.

Jenna and I continue to spend quality time together. The photographs provided by her mom have been put in sleeves to protect them from the bits of clay that go on, and come off of the sculpture. Add, take away, add take away. It is a constant process. The photographs are everywhere. I am often searching for the perfect photograph to show me just what proportion I want.

Jenna’s dress hangs from a hanger on the other side of the room. A constant reference.

Some changes. I moved her left arm back a bit and shortened the dress in the middle. I think with it short it ads to her smallness. She will be wearing tights, maybe I can show a diaper underneath. Still in the design stages. I’m working from the top down, still have to work on the back of her head and indicate some hair, what little she had. onto the right sleeve and arm and then the dress.

Working on Jeanna’s face this morning I watched her morph from photograph to photograph, two teeth and then more. I thought about her teething and wondered how many teeth should show. Later I’ll take a close up of Jenna to show the mom. In the end, and for now her mouth is open and shows most of her teeth on top. It is funny that many sculptors hate to sculpt open mouths. I am not sure why and some will say they don’t look natural. They are hard to cast, but not impossible. I could see Jenna no other way. It seemed like she had to have that smile.

It will be a few days before I am ready to call or e mail Jenna’s mom and say, “approve this.” It is still a process. I state that just in case Jenna’s mom is reading this blog and watching the process, and if she is I must say, Can’t you hear the giggles, we are having a great time together.

oh yes,

hubby came into the studio a bit ago. I said, “I’ll be right back,” I had to run to the house for something. He replied, “no problem, I’ll keep an eye on the baby.”

I Need to order some foam pieces that I can carve to show her headstone. So that we can get a feel as to how that will work with her, but first, back to playing with Jenna.

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