Crocheting Brings Awareness About the Health of Our Oceans

Orange hyperbolic plastic coral by Siew Chu Kerk.

Reefs, Rubbish, and Reason

I was introduced to this work a couple years back and was absolutely so intrigued.

Margaret Wertheim, HYPERBOLIC co-curator, science writer and author is also the co-director of IFF, The Institute For Figuring. The Institute For Figurings is an organization dedicated to the poetic and aesthetic dimensions of science, mathematics and the technical arts. Wertheim describes the beautiful math in coral in this TED video She explains how this geometry can be demonstrated through knitting and crocheting. Don’t you love it when art helps us to understand science!

Wertheim went on to display works and create a world wide involvement with knitters around the world who are knitting a coral reef to bring awareness to ocean health. What is our social responsibility?

I do hope that IFF and Margaret Wertheim will one day let us interview her for the Art and Technology podcast. I’m looking forward to exploring the future possibilities and encouraging others in their exploration and love of our great earth.

If you are interested in viewing the Hyperbolic reef for yourself and you happen to be in Pasadena, CA check out the exhibit HYPERBOLIC Reefs, Rubbish, and Reason June 7 — August 21, 2011 For more information here is a link to The Williamson Art Gallery, click on the word “now” in the left hand column.  Now, If I could just get the show to come to my neck of the woods. We in Houston and the Gulf Coast have a special desire to make others aware of the  social responsibilities for the health of our waters!
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