Taking Apart The Puzzle

Once we have approval we can begin the next step, however, we must take the sculpture apart. We do this in the same way that it went together. However, an intern told me later, “it went together much easier than it came apart.” I was thinking the exact opposite myself.

The head and arm come off.  To get the head down
we wheel it on the scaffolding back to the steps. 
Everything has to be taken a part
piece by piece.  Allison is posted on the
winch to life and lower as needed.
Once again the torso is floating
overhead while we clean up the area.
I love this part. Once the pieces are down
and we no longer have to move them around
I can look at everything and make sure the
detail is perfect before we go to mold.
James undoes the bolts under the base,
While I make sure there is a clean cut between
piece of the paws.

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