The Beginning Of The Sculpting Of An Angel!

Jenna in foam
shaping the foam.

The Jenna sculpture and I played all day, or should I say most of the day. I picked up the Jenna foam armature from the supplier. I will go into this process in more detail at a later date, as I have written about it recently in a national magazine and cannot write about it for a few months. ONWARD

The foam had to be modified look more like Jenna and that meant new tools! The foam makes a mess, but I kept my air tank on to blow myself off, and the vacuum nearby. I cover the foam with hot wax to seal it and keep the grit from getting into the foam. Then it is covered with hot clay that is melted in crockpots. I worked until about 10:00pm trying to get the basic shape of Jenna and added a fake butterfly just to get the “feel” of her. Before I ended I started on her face, that is the element that “captures” her. Jenna’s mom sent wonderful material to work from. This is so important when doing posthumous sculpture and it is vital when you are doing children. They change so quickly that often parents send reference material that is from several different ages and makes my job very hard. Not so with Jeanna. I have video, photographs and much more. I am sorry I have not posted the photograph of her face. I’ll post more later in the day. Once again I am aiming for an approval on this sculpture by next week. I need to do that in order to bring her to the northeast with the Dick Hathaway sculpture.

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