The Coolest Thing… GREAT RESOURCE!

More people should know about this. If you own an Apple Computer and want to learn to do anything, from very basic, what is a mouse and how do I turn the thing on, to how do I create a podcast, video, website etc. You can order something called “One to One” It cost me 99.00 for a years worth of One to One. Once a week I can go to the apple store and get one on one training on anything I want. I can bring in my website design, podcast, video etc and they help me figure out how to do it, lately I am going in for upper level stuff, audio etc. But this is such a great resource. I just don’t know why more people are not working with it. I didn’t know it was available and most do not.

My father owns a PC in another state, and I know he is frustrated with the new operating system and the computer. Geek squad costs so much, but it is probably the only alternative for him. I wish he owned an Apple. If he did I would buy him One to One.

Today I had a One to One. You see I am trying to put up podcasts. There was a woman working with the specialist next to me she must have been in her 70’s. She brought her own laptop, which is an advantage to those having a lap top. I was impressed with her.

I headed over to Micro Center to buy new headphones and other tech items and there was a guy in line that said he owned an Apple and didn’t know what to do with it. I told him about the One to One. He had no idea! I have run across many who don’t. THIS IS THE COOLEST THING! Sorry PC guys. One more reason to love my Apple computer.

I really must create a video on One to One.

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