The Energy In This Next Part Is Incredible

Moving on to the next part of this project. The foam does not look like much now. Poor pooch. It will soon be an amalgamation of the look, and energy of 8 seeing eye dogs. The creative energy on this part of the project nearly has me jumping out of my skin. Here is to…
1. Villa November 21,1953
2. Inky February 15, 1964
3. Pepper May 1, 1977
4. Gordy April 7, 1979
5. Steffie January 4,1989
6. Corinne September 20,1993
7. Robyn March 29, 2003
8. Eben May 23, 2014 So excited to get started on this part. I can feel the dogs. They have been having in the studio for months waiting patiently for their turn.  I can also feel their love and commitment.  What they have done, what they have provided. This is such an honor.  Keep watching. 

This is a sculpture created of John Turner for the city of Frisco. The entire project is documented on a project blog at

Some relatives posted : “Hope this all goes well. I’m very excited. Each of those special dogs has been important in our lives beyond comprehension. They were unique, brilliant, loyal individuals. You’ve got a lot of greatness to work with!”

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