The Foundry- The Fine Art Foundry of Texas

One of the most important elements to a sculpture is the foundry. The foundry is what makes my work into metal. It is a very interesting process that I will be sharing on this blogs I create John. When an artist starts a project they must obtain quotes from a foundry. Then the job is awarded to a foundry.

Shidoni Foundry in New Mexico is working on my Alice in Wonderland Project.  They specialize in very large sculptures and are perfect for that job.

I am happy to be working a little closer to home with the sculpture of John Turner and delighted to announce that The Fine Art Foundry of Texas has been awarded the casting of the sculpture of John Turner.  I have a long working relationship with The Fine Arts Foundry of Texas and their main worker, Miguel is the best in the business. Miguel has cast multiple projects for me. Below is a sample of the many pieces of work that Miguel has done for me. Keep following along with this blog to see the foundry process.

Bronze sculpture and Bridgette in Vermont.
Richard Hathaway is a sculpture that resides outside of Vermont College.
Richard was a professor, lover of the arts, and an all around intriguing man. 
The Newsboy was commissioned by the
Texas Press Association.  It is a limited edition of 10. 1 resides at the Texas Press
Association another is in North Carolina and a third is in the North West. 
Called to pray was commissioned
By Dallas Baptist University. 
Bronze statue of little girl by Texas sculptor Bridgette Mongeon
Jenna was created for her cemetery plot.
Notice the sign language symbol in her left hand. It means I love you. 

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