The Patina

When the foundry calls and says, “We are ready,” I’m there.  First I look over the sculpture and discuss possible tweaks with the piece. The foundry needs an extra couple of days to fix my suggestions before we begin to do the patina.

The patina is done by heating up the bronze sculpture and then adding chemicals to add color. This sculpture is done in a traditional patina. This means there is no real color other than the traditional brown.  The care of a bronze sculpture is important.

The sculpture is sandblasted and ready for patina.
Miguel heats up the entire sculpture and then adds chemicals
to create the dark patina.
Slowly, color is added to the sculpture.
I’m there for the entire process. I like to be able to direct.
“Make this lighter here, or darker here.”
Often the foundry will squirt the bronze with water.  This
helps me to see how the sculpture will look once it is waxed.
It helps me to know where I want things changed.
It takes some time to bronze a large sculpture.
Once the entire sculpture is complete it is covered
with a coat of wax.
We will wait to polish the sculpture until after it is installed.
Notice the torch on the bible. There was something about the
foundry man working in this sacred space.  The heat on the bible
The patina, making the words pop out of the text.
I just had to post this picture.

to all of my clients so they know what to expect with a bronze sculpture that is placed outdoors.

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