The Rock

The rock is pretty much complete, thanks to the wonderful milling at Across the Board Creations  They were able to take my digital model of the rocks and enlarge it along with the cat.  It has come in sections so that we can take different sections of the rock down and work on the paws attached to the rock.  We painted the rock to look the same color as the clay.

The foam rock comes in pieces. 
It is like putting a puzzle together. 
Please don’t climb the rock.  Note:  The artist is not responsible
for injuries or death caused by interacting with this sculpture.
Do as I say, not as I do.  It is very tempting.
There is little that needs to be done to the rock.  I have created
a few sitting ledges for photo opportunities.  I will need to
check these out.  I like the design of the rock digitally, but
seeing it this large gives me an opportunity to inspect how
it works in real life. We painted it the same color as the clay.
This will help both my client and I to see how they
work together. 
I have taken the top portion of the rock down to see how
it works with the top most paw. 
Here is the digital version of the entire rock
in about the same position as it is in the picture
where I am pretending to climb. 

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