The Studio Is Filled With Norma

The studio is filled with Norma. 

The studio is filled with Norma. I have reference photos on the wall, and a blown up copy for inspiration. There are piles of Norma pictures everywhere.  I’m also referring to online photographs of her provided by the family and ones I can find on the internet. If you have photographs, especially those of an older Norma, please sent them.  So with all of my online reference my computer is perpetually covered with clay.  I must remember to clean the bottom off of it before going to bed, as I usually write in the early or late hours and this dark clay smudged on sheets, well you can only imagine what that looks like.

Lots to do on Norma’s hands. We are just roughing them in. 

I worked hard on getting Norma’s face. Sorry no views of that.  I’m saving that for the family. I realized I couldn’t really get her face until I had her hair, and boy did Norma have a lot of that hair. An intern spent the entire day just smoothing hair that it took me 4 days to add. Multiply that by about 5 more areas and you have Norma’s hair.

Even without all of her hair, I’m real close to capturing her essence and I’m delighted. Meanwhile there are body parts everywhere.  Hands with Norma’s jewelry are in one place, her sculpted boots in another and other appendages await to be attached. Norma is in pieces and I can’t wait to start to put her together.

It is pretty much Norma central, but at this rate we will have her complete before the September gathering.  Then it is just a matter of having the funds to cast her. I can’t wait to see her and Kippy in the park.

Oh, Kippy. He sits on the other side of the room staring with vacant eyes, wondering when it will be his turn again.  My granddaughter came to my studio, found a stick and walked around the yard with it for the entire day. We have given it to Kippy. It will be what he is waiting for Norma to toss.

 Onward to Norma. Need more of her music. Did the band have a CD?  It would be great to have it here in the studio as we work. The you tube songs are not very good. Some are, but then how many times can you listen to the same few songs? Love listening to her as we sculpt though.

Don’t forget to send in your donations so we can get Norma cast.  More photos to come as we have time. Now I better stop as the 1/2 moons of clay are exiting my fingernails and are all over the computer.

This is the documentation of Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon who created the Norma Zenteno Sculpture and Kippy for Zenteno Spirit and Barrio Dogs. You can find the process blog for this project at

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