The Tiger Is In Houston!

I ran to the shipping company today to look at the crates that hold all of the many, many pieces of the tiger. It finally arrived in Houston. This is what I found. So this is what a tiger in boxes looks like. Tomorrow it arrives at the studio and we begin to put the entire thing together. Remember that we have been working on this sculpture as a digital model and have sent it out to a milling company to be enlarged. Now this blog will begin to get busy. Keep watching, as their are more posts to come.

I’m so thrilled that Acts International Crating has helped me with getting these from Idaho. A wonderful shipping company. Ask for Lace if you need to ship something somewhere.  She will also be shipping the Neil Armstrong Sculpture to Moscow for me.

A tiger in boxes.  Many, many pieces will be put together
to sculpt the Grambling State Tiger. I look a little overwhelmed.  
No problem. 

Bridgette Mongeon is creating this sculpture for Grambling State University. To watch the entire process you can use the categories on this blog or visit the project blog she created for the client at

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