The Upside Down Christmas Party

I failed to post about the Upside Down Christmas Party. There were quite a few different groups of people but there was much fun had by all. Christina Sizemore- My daughter showed her artwork, and you know there is always sculpture in my studio, along with my God’s Word Collectible series. Plus the loft was opened up for 3d people to show their work. Though all they really did was come upstairs and eat cookies. My favorite part of the evening.. the fire pit that my family bought me and we broke in and singing with friends.

And of course as many of you know we ask you all to help decorate our tree with something on your person, in your car or found. Here are some new ones. ( the watch is from a soldier. I can’t believe he put his watch on the tree. He is home on leave and headed back soon.)

I think we will have to have another one next year.

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