Thinking About Fast. Is It The New Slow?

A 20 minute sketch in Mudbox. Time to loosen up and have some fun.

It does not take long to search around my site and see that most of my work is very detailed.  I have and do love that way of working, but lately I have been thinking about fast.  Sculpting fast and seeing what comes out.  I may embrace this throughout the next few months.  I have done this before with quick sketches in clay but have not done it in a very long time.  So I started with Mudbox—working fast in mudbox.  You may have seen some of these on my blog before.  But here are some 20-25 minute sketches using the Mudbox sphere.

25 minute sketch in Mudbox from basic sphere.

Creating fast. It is freeing, there are no stipulations, sure there is a deadline- the timer. but it is amazing, if you do this over and over again what it will do for the way you work.  There is a great sense of peace in working fast. You may see a bunch more pieces on this blog as I experiment with fast.  It does not have to be hectic or trying. So I am wondering is fast the new slow?

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