Tilly Came To Take A Look

This morning Tilly came to take a look. I found her in the” soon to be new bog area” looking up at the pink rock. She used to like to sit on the black liner. I asked, “Want me to build you some steps up from the bog? She just looked taking it all in. “It will look much different when I fill the pond back up.” I assured her, like she could really understand. “Did the baby come with you?”

Yesterday I put the waders on that my husband bought for me years ago. I choose to do this when I was straddling the bog and edge trying to sink a milk crate, put a concrete block on top and then what I now refer to as “the bathing stone.” A stone that has the perfect slope for baby and Tilly to get on and sun bath. The bottom of the pond was murky, thank god for my toes being covered. I balanced that milk crate with rocks that I shoved under the murk and between the crate, this I did with my toes and feet. I am sure I looked a site standing in the pond.

There is one small problem with the pond that I just cant figure out. You see I can’t use concrete on the pond liner as it is a living pond and it the concrete will play havoc with this perfect system that I have here. It could even kill all of the fish and turtles. I could not stand for that. So, once again. I’ll finish the edge and fill the pond, but the beach will have to stay just liner, until I come up with another solution.

originally I was going to, lower the pond level even more to expose the beach and stream, put in concrete with pebbles, scrub the concrete once cured with vinegar, this helps neutralize the concrete. While scrubbing it I was going to vacuum the vinegar up with my wet vac. YES! a lot of work, but I am not sure even that would keep the critters from being hurt. I can not stand the thought, and can’t find help. So… Fill her up and work with dilemma that another time. I really have to get back to the studio.

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