Tilly Tales- A Pond Milestone “I Bring Food”

Today a milestone event happened at the studio pond. Tilly’s baby who has been around for about a year now, surviving long after the many other baby turtles did not, has hit a growth mark! Yes it is true a developmental wonder. He/she has learned that I bring food! Poking his/her little head amongst the floating plants he/she watched as the fish started eating their flake food and momma Tilly swam to eat her floating pellets. He/she gobbled one up and I swore you could hear him/her say, “yum.” As he/she paddled frantically to the next one only to have the big old fan tail gold fish eat it up. I tried to come to the edge of the pond and point out more, but that was a bit much for him/her. Away he/she swam diving under the water lettuce. I ran to the studio to get more “turtle” food skipping a step in glee and searching quickly for my camera to take a picture and put it in the baby turtle book that I am now just considering. I tried to throw the food in between the floating plants where the little head stood watching me. and instead I plopped one right on his/her head. I could never ever do that intentionally, but I did laugh as it bounced. This antic only made him/her disappear. When trying again my husband stated, “reinforce the behavior.” Which made me think my husband is reading too many psychology books of late. It is a joyous day at the pond. I bring food!

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