Today Jenna Had To Wait A Bit For Our Playdate

Church and a celebration of my son’s 19th birthday was a priority. We took him out to lunch and to see Prince Caspian. Then it was back home to work on Jenna. Russo has not been in and did not get to see her until today. She was so surprised and I think I saw tears in her eyes when I showed her the videos, the dress, the toys. I wanted her to love her as much as I do before she began to work on her. Russo helped a great deal, smoothing things out and putting texture in, as well as helping me with the leaves and flowers of Jenna’s lace. I have held those tiny hands and tiny wings for two days now. They are done. Just one last look at the face to see if their are any revisions. All elements are ready to put together. Between this evening and to marrow I will have the time that I need to complete her.

I wish I would have brought the camera back up to the office to post the pictures that I took of Jenna, but I will try to post in the morning and then in the afternoon.

Goodbye to another apprentice

I have loved working with Russo and will miss her when she goes back to her country. Today was her last day in the studio, though I may try to pick her up next week to see how Dick is coming at the foundry.

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