Turning The Corner Into October

Here I am turning the corner into October. There is still a lot to do before graduation on November 1st and I leave for school on the 24th. I wish that Dick were coming with me, but I still need to raise money to cast this donation. As I prepare for my lecture for the school, actually two one for the TW Woods Gallery and another for my culmination, I am reminded of all of the absolutely incredible and unusual things that have happened in the posthumous sculpting of Patsy, Lucas, Jeanine and Dick Hathaway. And through the death and remembrance of Charlotte Hastings.

I am convinced, that the energy of a living person stays with us long after their death. I have proven that through some of my study and my research for school. I am amazed at my study, and am thankful for the opportunity to have done such a study through Vermont College Union Institute!

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