Twirling Around With Jenna

Jenna’s hand is in the shape of the I Love You
Sign for sign language

Most of the time, while I am sculpting on Jenna she is on a large lazy Susan. Several times when I try to take pictures of her she just starts turning around. I think it is Jenna’s game that she is playing with me. Trying to take the butterfly for a ride.

I still am not securing the two hands, they are taken off a bunch of times each day, to get to the face or the dress. The photographs of Jenna against the wall were taken last night while Russo was here. ( thanks again Russo for all of your help, I have enjoyed having you as an apprentice) I put all of the pieces together so we both could shoot some pictures, some for Russo, and others for this blog.

My intern helps making Jenna perfect.

You may notice there are real ribbons and color full pins on Jeanna’s dress. The ribbons are just placement. As I said before they would never hold up through the mold process so after I receive an approval from her mom I’ll take them off, adding them at the wax stage. The pins are part of the lace design. OF course they look different colors in this clay, but when Jenna is turned into a bronze sculpture they will look like little beads, just like the ones on Jenna’s dress. WE cut out little leaf and flower patterns out of clay and once attached to the dress I put a texture in them.

The tights also have a pattern in them. I love this. This afternoon I went back to Jenna’s face and revised a few things. Jenna’s mom requested I send some pictures of her face looking right at her. To do this I had to remove the butterfly hand. But these are the newest pictures of Jenna’s face with some of my own revisions.

Sorry that the sculpture looks so shiny, it does make it difficult to shoot good pictures. The shininess is because I use hot Vaseline to smooth out the sculpture. I recently ran out of Vaseline and ran to the store to get some. The first time I used it I noticed it had a baby powder scent to it. One more thing to remind me of the specialness of this project. Russo and I agreed that it does smell wonderful.

Tonight I’ll go over everything one more time, add the rest of Jenna’s hair, smooth the dress out where it needs to be, fix the right arm, the only thing left to sculpt, attach the other wing, and sign the sculpture. Final pictures for approval will be sent to the family tomorrow.

That face.

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