Update On Hurricane And Our Preparations.

It is 10:47 at night. Just received an update from the meteorologists and the mayor of Houston. One gets a little nervous when the mayor asks everyone to pray.

Our plans are to wake up early and get more gas for the generator. Only a few highways are bogged down, and I am so glad that I am not in that traffic jam. I remember what happened a few years ago. I guess officials have as well as they are taking that into consideration. They are not taking inbound roads and making them outbound roads. This I am glad for as we will need supplies to come to Houston and the surrounding area.

Pictures show almost all of Galveston predicted to be underwater. The biggest concern for this storm is the storm surge. I heard today that if these low areas did not evacuate 1.5 million would die. I can’t believe some are staying.

We wander around with that strange numbness wondering what we should do, is there something else to prepare? Our saving grace is that it is not a cat 5, and it is moving fast. 100 mile an hour winds make us think about moving all of the equipment off of the top floor and storing it downstairs. A lot of work, but it may be our morning job. Have not boarded up windows, and may do that in the morning as well. Our large containers are on the back porch and will be filled with water. The worse part will be the heat and no AC. I was in this house during Alicia in 1983. IT came right over our house. I was out of electricity for a week, but I had a house.

The best thing that could happen to us is if the hurricane moved to the east. Right now we are on what they call “the dirty side.” The best for us is always the worst for someone else.

I’ll update what I can. Pray for Houston.

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