Upside Down Christmas Party-Artwork And Visiting

Besides my own artwork there was photography from my daughter as well as her graphics which she played on her computer. I also had my lecture from the TW Woods about my book “Bringing to Life The Spirit of the Deceased- A Sculptor’s Journey” that played in another area of the studio. My husband’s two books were on display and artwork from my apprentice Florencia.

I had invited all of the award winning students from the Culture Shapers contest that I judged a few weeks back. Daphne Dodd came with her parents.

One sculpture actually got into the Christmas spirit. Maybe he was praying for his toys.

My new display cases thanks to the pharmacy around the corner.

The God’s Word sculptures look good in their new display case.

After viewing the artwork people gathered around on the studio porch and different sitting areas in the yard. The white lights, the teeke torches and the sound of the stream always feels magical. The weather was unseasonably warm, making it quite comfortable.

Many thanks to Jennifer my former apprentice and my daughter, Christina for playing photographer during the party

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