My family and friends have not seen me in a very long time. I have been working on the tiger night and day. My hope is to get it finished before homecoming.  No promises, but I’m really kicking it trying to get it done.

So, I opened the warehouse to a select few to come and see the finished creation. I was waiting for approval anyway, so I decided to make the most of it.

My mother-in-law Cleo was terrified. After seeing the size of this beast and how hard we were working she immediately went home and made food.  That is a good thing because there is little time to eat, and my meals have consisted of a lot of ordered in pizza for myself and the interns and quick sandwiches. I love when people bring by food!
One of my interns is a high school student. He has enjoyed working on this massive project, and I greatly appreciate it when he comes in.  Some of the most simplest tasks make all of the difference.  Getting clay ready for us to work with and cleaning the floor so we don’t stick to it is not an underrated task. It makes my life so much nicer and helps me to work fast. Grant has also worked on preparing the foam and sculpting fur.  I asked many visitors to show me their fear with the sculpture. 
Some visitors were not even my own family and friends. I am sharing this space with Sickness Inc. They have been the best and have helped out in so many ways. I also loved watching the incredible motorcycles coming through.   I will be sad to leave.  Here are some visitors to Sickness Inc. who have come to interact with the Grambling Tiger.

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