Waiting On The Scans

3d scanning Texas artist Bridgette Mongeon's sculpture.

I decided to scan John with a different scanner, actually a scanning company that has been working with me on another project will be scanning the small clay figure of John. I’m patiently awaiting the scan of the maquette. I have some things that I want to do on the sculpture in the computer.  After that, it will be sent to my enlarging company where they will enlarge John and his dog in urethan foam.  Here is a video showing the CNC milling on the March Hare for the recent Alice in Wonderland sculpture. It is fascinating to see  how it works.

Once milled the urethane foam of John will be shipped to my Houston studio, where we can begin the wonderful process of bringing the sculpture to life. Meanwhile, we have been dismantling the Alice in Wonderland sculpture so that we can repurpose the clay. You can say that John will have a little Wonderland in him. We now have room for John, and are just waiting on the scanning company. Can’t wait to get him here.

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