Waxes- Cleaning

From the molds that are provided the foundry pours wax,
or with larger molds they brush it in.  Then because the molds
are in two parts each wax must be cleaned.  Blemishes from
the pouring process and seams are removed.

Today was a day at the foundry. Once again, most artists don’t go to the foundry and look at their waxes. I suppose it is because I’m a perfectionist, or maybe I have a hard time letting go. I tell everyone it is because I might want to tweak something in the wax. Today I  only had to do a little bit of tweaking. Here is the foundry process of waxes.

I’m headed back on Tuesday, maybe they will be able to take pictures of the next stage- gating up.

Slowly wax body parts are accumulating at the foundry
A wax is hollow.  This thickness will be the thickness
of the bronze- more on that later.  Many people think that
when they see a bronze it is solid.  It is not.  This will all
make much more sense once you see the rest of the process. 
Cleaning wax hands that touch the Word. 

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