We Made It Through The Hurricane!- Pictures Of IKE

Tree limbs are everywhere.

Houston,Texas here. Don’t know what the national news has shown. Report- minor damage on our home. Many, Many homes in our Houston area have trees that have fallen on top of them. about 1/4 of the homes on our street have water damage as well.  Huge rainstorm after the hurricane brought on the flooding.  Here are some pictures.We still don’t have electricity, and are not expecting it any time soon.  City says 2-6 weeks. We do have a generator but can’t use computers on it. Found a Schlotzsky’s with electricity and WI FI.  Enjoying a hot meal, though I have to say that I have been cooking, using up what is in the freezer.  Here I am trying to pull the tree limbs off of the pond and searching for Tilly my turtle.  When I found her I was elated. Sam, my black lab was looking over my shoulder giving the camera the evil eye.

Did the fish survive?

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