Thank you for joining me on this adventure. My name is Bridgette Mongeon and I am delighted to be awarded the commission and the honor of bringing Norma to life in bronze.

I have been creating sculpture for many years. I love bringing to life the spirit of the deceased. One of the prime elements of being able to capture not only the likeness of an individual but the spirit or essence of that individual depends a great deal on the interactions that I have with those who knew and loved the deceased. The readers of this blog, the family and friends that share their stories and pictures will be helping me.  This is what connects me to someone that I have never known. In a way, you all become co-creators.

A couple of years ago Texas Country Reporter came to my studio and created a segment on my sculptures of deceased loved ones.  This kind of tells what I feel and think.

I’m looking forward to sharing my process on this blog and getting to know Norma, her family and friends.  As one person once said, “You develop a relationship with the deceased.” It is true and I think Norma and I are going to get along very nicely.

If you have photographs or stories that you would like to share with me please do send them. If you would like to give me permission to share them here, please be sure to let me know.

Small images can be sent through email or through drop box or google drive.  Please send them to:  Bridgette (at) creativesculpture (dot) com.

Bridgette Mongeon.

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