Which Way Do We Go?

To expedite the process several quick sketches are put together for Grambling State University to look at.  At this point in a project it is important to find the desired direction of a client. They might not even know what they are looking for, these quick sketches, help us to narrow down our direction.

Some of our thought process is this.

  • To make the sculpture look large if we place it above, climbing on sculpted rock it will enhance the height. 
  • It is necessary to have a sculpture that others can interact with.  I love this type of sculpture. As an artist I want people to interact with my work. I can’t wait to see pictures of people interacting. When the sculpture is done and placed this blog won’t stop. I will post what you send me. Please be sure to send the names of the people interacting.  A school mascot is meant to be interacted with.  Having large pedestals for sculptures suits some purposes, but for this… can someone say photo op? 
  • Grambling State University says they want an open mouth, a growl.  

From the Grambling State University project blog at Gramblingtiger.blogspot.com

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