White Pressed Clothes… I Could Dance…

Often after working on such a large project as the sculpture of Dick Hathaway, and the creating of the mold, the studio is a mess. Prior to that the studio is filled with sculpture, clay stained floors, the way a sculpture studio should be, I suppose.

My attire for the last few weeks has been grubby clothes that get even grubbier with putting the rubber and plaster on the molds.

NOT TODAY! The molds are done, the floor is clean (with a great deal of thanks to my apprentice Russo ). Today I put on pressed clothes. Of course I am working in the office instead of the studio. I am thrilled that the large studio floor is free from obstruction. What does that mean? I CAN DANCE! Literally!
I like to dance for exercise, turn on the tunes and start moving. Sometimes my husband joins me and we will practice our waltz, jitterbug, two step, fox trot or cha cha.

The Jenna sculpture needs to be in clay by next week. A quick turn around, but she is little and will take only a small amount of space. So… I HAVE PRESSED CLOTHES ON! A WHITE SHIRT, AND NOW I CAN DANCE!

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