Wonderland Detective Books

Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon has hidden 150 things in her sculpture titled “Move One Place On.”  If you would like a free printable Detective book to document your findings, you can print one out by following this link. How do you find them? Reading this blog and the Facebook page will give you lots of hints. The artist will also begin to reveal the 150 hidden things through videos once the sculpture is placed. There are four things you must know when looking for the things.

#_____What is it?
#_____Where is it? ( You must visit the park, or the artist will be showing some of them in up and coming videos. )
#_____Where is it in the story?
#_____Special significance to sculptor/author/illustrator?

Get out your Alice in Wonderland books or better yet, purchase the Annotated Alice. It is what the artist used to figure out what to hide.  Now that the Facebook page is being transferred to this blog you can search the posts by the category 150 Hidden things.

Bridgette Mongeon has hidden 150 things in her sculpture of Alice In Wonderland's Mad Hatter Tea Party
Individuals and families can use the free printable to document their findings of the 150 hidden things.

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