Working On A Final Presentation For Grambling

Some thoughts from the sculptor Bridgette Mongeon – 
I have been working for two weeks on a final presentation for Grambling State University of the larger than life size tiger bronze sculpture.  This is just a digital presentation and modifications of the design will be made as I proceed to creating it in bronze.  

Making this presentation has been very interesting, and as often is the case, I am still learning.  I’ll add some links at the bottom of the post concerning the learning process. In the meantime, here are some final views of the presentation. There will be sculpted ledges on the rock formation so that people can sit.

You will see by the following posts that often I  have to take learning into my own hands. I recently sat in on online webinar titled Advanced Creature Anatomy with Paleontologist and visual Affects VFX consultant Scott Harman. During his presentation he said, 

“It is also important to struggle against the medium.”  
“…this includes being constrained by what you already know.” 
Scott Harman 
I really like the thought, because that is what an artist does all of the time.  In the case of the presentation for Grambling I was pushing past what most would normally use the 3DSoftware for. I was trying to incorporate it into my own workflow.  When I do this I often will post everywhere trying to find the answers. I was so thrilled when a fellow artist in Canada created a video showing the process of doing exactly what I wanted to do.  I was pushing past my limits and the limits of the material.  This section may not make any sense to the average person who is reading this blog, but it may to artists who come to visit, so I will give you the links. 
You see, even though I had the video that someone provided for me and is shown in the below posts, I had to walk through the learning process. I took the video from Kevin Salki and then documented on my personal blog my process of working through his instructions.  

I hope it means something to someone out there. 
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