Working On The Final Digital Presentation

Checking in with sculptor Bridgette Mongeon to see the progress on the Grambling Tiger digital presentation.

Sculpting in the computer the artist can hide parts
of the model to sculpt hard to reach places. 

It is coming along much slower than I had hoped.  I’m working diligently with the ZBrush program to come up with exactly what I want, however, it is important to note that this is a digital sculpture, the real sculpture will very much resemble the digital model but will also look different.  

A very long way from being done. The artist works with
the tigers attitude. The different parts of the Tiger can be
hidden, as mentioned above.  The eyes are turned off or hidden
in this view.

With sculpting in ZBrush I also have the opportunity to sculpt inside the mouth.  I can actually hide portions of my model, for example the lower jaw, to sculpt the inside and roof of the mouth. I wish it were this easy in traditional clay.  

Very early stages of digital sculpting adding
the stone into the design. 

I still have such a long way to go. I’m working out the muscle structure of the big cat, the pose and last but not least the stripes will be added.  Then I will place the 3d model into the photographs that I received of the area.  It does not look like I will have it ready for the schools Monday Meeting. 

Here are some screenshots of the work in progress.

Just how big is it?  It helps to get a feel for the
size and the height of this big cat. Bridgette works on the
design of the stone and ledge.  She wants it to  have the “feel” 
or general shape of  the state of Louisiana,
She also want to add ledges that people can sit on for
Photo opportunities.  
Adding more definition to the attitude.

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