Yes, I Do Have Fairies!

Someone that I had traded plants with before emailed me about plants and at the end of the post asked, “My girls still talk about the “magic pond” and the sparkling lights that you showed them when they were with me earlier in the year! My littlest one has also asked me if you have fairies that live there.”

when these girls were in my yard, I went to get something, their mother was digging plants and one little girls was dancing around on the beach, the other was sitting very erect on one of the wooden benches. She said she was the queen of the garden. These children understood what I was trying to do with my garden. Some adults come here and say it is magical, these children played into the magic. It was getting dark and I told them they could bid the garden to become even more magical. They said the words that were indicated and I plugged in the twinkle lights. You should have seen their faces light up.

This was my response for her children.

“Yes, indeed I have seen some fairies in my yard. Some have introduced themselves. Fern is the oldest and wisest, she seems to watch over everyone, and make sure that the garden is in order. Ivy is quite lazy and prefers to lounge on the ground, especially in the shadows of plants. I don’t think she likes the heat, but I have never asked her, as most of the time, when I see her she is yawning, and either just getting up, contemplating another nap, or has sleep in her eyes, is annoyed and does not want to talk.

The dragon flies are back at the pond and they often perform for everyone that will watch, showing off with their acrobatic maneuvers, then dipping their tails in and splashing in this circular dance. I have not seen the huge dragon fly. I heard they are called tree toppers. I was sitting on the bridge one day and one of those dragon flies came out of the sky and nearly knocked me in the pond. No one believed me until we saw one come down and lay eggs. She must have been close to 12” wing tip to wing tip! They are called tree toppers because that is where they live. ”

The bully bullfrog has brought a couple of his friends. Even though they are not my fondest of pond creatures, because I have heard they could eat my baby turtles, I still would not wish harm on them. I do love to watch them jump and dive. I should talk to Tilly the turtle and see if she might like to host a pond Olympics.

It was so funny, when I was taking out this huge portion of plants out of the pond it was so heavy my son had to come and help me. Then out of the blue…bully bullfrog jumped out! He hopped around the pond, and the foster black lab chased him, around the pond, over the bridge and then dove. The lab looked so sad. She sniffed around trying to figure out where on earth bully went.

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