Zbrush and Zsketch- Is It As Good As It Looks?

Now the Mudbox book is complete I can dive into Zbrush and see what it can do for me. I’m excited about combining these two programs to see what I can “carve” out for myself. ZBrush 3.5 has a new process called zsketch. I’m interested to find out if this really works as good as it seems to. Unfortunately they do not have this for the mac version yet. I may end up in another office trying it out on a PC

As a traditional sculptor trying to introduce other traditional sculptors how to enter this field without having to learn 3d modeling in a modeling program it has been almost impossible. I did figure out a way using Mudbox which I write about in the book, but if this zsketch really works and makes good models. Well then that will be wonderful.

I found this great thread showing some of the zsketch capabilities and the work of a poster called painzang. The video is also his. What he is doing is creating the zspher model under a zsketch.  ( updated 2020 this post is over 10 years old. Zbrush has come a long way since these simple zsketches) 

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