A Couple of Questions About Professor Hathaway

I have a couple questions about dick Hathaway.

I am writing the chapters on the sculpture of Dick Hathaway for my book “Bringing to Life the Spirit of the Deceased—a Sculptor’s Journey” and wanted to ask a few questions. Can anyone help?

Can you please give me a few suggestions of things to write instead of etc. In the following statement

While attending his exploratory meeting to discuss my study and this book project he said, “I’m not sure why you are here, we really don’t go together.” I knew his expertise in such things, as social reform, history, (etc). Did not really go with sculpting the deceased but, I was too embarrassed to tell him that I found him absolutely charming and I just wanted to spend time with him. I don’t remember what I murmured; it may have been something like… “Just trying to get to know the professors.”


I know for the school auctions Dick would find unusual items that he would purchase somehow from obscure places. Artisans from around the world. There was a man that was always at the school auctions with him, what was that mans name, they seemed to get this stuff together. Also from what areas, tribes or countries did Dick get these things?

Somewhere I heard a quote about how much money Dick raised in his life time as an auctioneer. Anyone know that answer?

Thanks in advance,

Updates on the progress of the sculpture are still being posted at http://dickhathaway.blogspot.com

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