A Free Digital Sculpting Program

A new program called Sculptris is available. Sculptris 1.0 for free download.

Though this article on Pixologic’s website states that they acquired Sculptris and it will be known as Sculptris Alpha 5. I can’t help but wonder why this was purchased by Pixologic. Was it to stop competition?The creator Tomas Petterson is relocating to California from Sweden. This can only mean advancements in the upcoming versions of Z brush. How far can this program go? Looking at the way Sculptris works as compared to Zbrush has peeked my interest. I’m a traditional sculptor. I don’t want to have to worry about zspheres or such. I just want to take clay and sculpt. Zbrush can be frustrating in this area. Even with the newest upgrade I thought, Oh yes, now mannequins I can pose and then I can get right into the sculpting. They are not as easy as taking a lump of clay and sculpting.  Though the digital world has spoiled me. I want to be able to sculpt symmetrically on my posed figure.  It will be interesting to see how Zbrush changes and what this brings to the table at Pixologic

This is a Windows application only

UPDATE 2020 Sculptris is now owned by pixologic. It is still free.

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