A Loss Of A Day And Making Wings

Yesterday I was at the foundry trying to take pictures of the gating up of the Dick Hathaway project as it goes through the bronze process, and at the manufacturer picking up God’s Word sculpture, then it was off to the Ceramic supply store to replace tools that had broken and purchase new ones.

I lost almost an entire day of sculpting, but got back to it last night. My new apprentice Caroline worked on smoothing out Jenna’s dress on Tuesday night and again last night, while I figured out how to create cherub wings. Took quite a long time for the one wing, on side, but now that I know what I am doing I am confident the other will go much more quickly. I’m not sure we got as much done as we could have as we were watching my favorite show while working, “so you think you can dance.” I think Jenna liked it as well, as I am sure she would have loved to learn to dance, and she is probably dancing in heaven right now. Can’t you hear her giggling, “look what I can make my legs do now!” I watched her move her hands and wrists in the video around and around in a circle, seemed similar to the expression I saw in those young kids dancing last night- the good dancers. I’ll post some more pictures at the end of the day.

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