A Wonderful Art Program For Children

Between graduate studies, writing the book, and commissions, along with aiding elderly parents, I’m not quite sure where I find the time to do this, but I have been teaching a class through City Artworks for the past year. City Artworks is an art program that has recently teamed up with the Museum of Fine Arts ( MFA) to provide quality after school art classes to young people based on the collections at MFA. This semesters study is the works of John Singer Sargent. They have both paying classes in schools and grant schools. I am in a grant school, which I prefer. I have been working the Highland Heights just around the corner from my own studio. At first I think it was that I missed children. I wanted to be around kids. My children are all grown and grandchildren are a ways off. I also feel it is a great way to give back to my community and I love the creative individuals that I have met through the program. This school may be losing their grant money for the program, so if there are any philanthropical individuals who would like to be sure this stays alive at Highland Heights please contact City Artworks.

By the way if there are artists in Houston who want to be a part of shaping young minds City Artworks is looking for more instructors. But call quickly as classes start in a week or so. Give Rolando a call 713-681-1365. Oh yes, and if your child would like to participate in a City Artworks program be sure to give them a call to see if one is in your school!

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