Also in Memory of Charlotte Hastings

Charlotte Hastings had a signed release form from Ruth and was helping to gather information for the sculpture.  She was so pleased that this sculpture was going to happen and I was devastated when I heard of Charlotte’s passing.  It was then that I realized that my motivation of doing the sculpture was in part for Charlotte. 

This past semester was busy.  I was trying to attempt fifty-one credits to be able to culminate in November of 2006.  I had no time to work on the Dick Hathaway project or to mourn Charlotte’s death.  My grief over Charlotte passing was as deep as hers over Dick’s.  It was not until the last residency in April of 2006. We were in the school’s memorial service for Charlotte. I expressed my longing for Charlotte to be here working on this with me, and I heard the words spoken by Blythe Silano, “But Charlotte loved Dick”.  Those thoughts began to ring in my heart and renewed the sculpture.  For me this sculpture is not just in memory of Dick Hathaway it is also in memory of my friend and advisor, Charlotte Hastings. 

A picture of Charlotte and myself, residency 2005. This was the semester residency that we planned the sculpture of Dick.

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