Announcement Has Been Made- Now We Run Around Like Those In The Caucus Race

Many were at the ground breaking of Evelyn’s Park in Bellaire, Texas

If you know your Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll then you know that in one chapter the characters ran around like crazy to get dry. This was called a caucus race. Well that is what I feel like I have been doing at the studio since the announcement that Bellaire, Texas is going to receive the sculpture of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party that I am creating.  It has been compounded with the fact that July 4th is the 150th anniversary celebration of the story of Alice in Wonderland.

For some that follow my work, friends, family etc. you know I have been working on a project for three years. It is a monumental sculpture of Alice in Wonderland. I could not make the official announcement until all of the details were settled. They are now settled and we sent out official press releases.

My grand daughter came ready with her own shovel to break ground. Later she got a cup and pretended to build a park.
My client and I watch as Issa builds a park. At this point we were both chomping at the bit to finalize the Alice project and announce it as well.

The park that is getting the sculpture is the Evelyn’s Park in Bellaire, Texas (Bellaire is in the Houston, Texas area.) The park broke ground just a few weeks ago on June 18th, but we had not yet finalized the paper work on the sculpture and so we had to keep it hush hush. I went with my daughter, son in law and granddaughter. The kids were painting pickets and I painted one with my granddaughter. My contribution was that I painted “Alice?”

Many children painted pickets. My grand daughter loved it.

My two year old granddaughter got into the event bringing her own shovel and breaking ground. One day she will bring her children or grand children to this sculpture, long after I am gone and tell them that their grandmother or great grandmother built this.  They will look and see so many special things within the sculpture.

I’m glad the Cheshire cat is out of the bag, so to speak. Please keep an eye on the Finding Alice Facebook page to watch the progress and learn about the 150 things I’m hiding in the Alice sculpture.

You might also want to watch the you tube video on the project. It tells more about this project than I can fit in this post. Please share with others and invite them to help me and watch the project on The Finding Alice page.

My granddaughter and I painted a picket with the rest of the children. Unsure if the paperwork on this project would ever be complete I painted “Alice ? “

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