Back to Dick Hathaway

The life size sculpture of Dick Hathaway has been brought back to the center of the studio. He will be getting my full attention, or as full as it can be with other things needing to be done in the office and studio. Unfortunately we have had a few very hot days here and with the stress of moving the piece a few things have broken off of Dick Hathaway. It could be a devastating thing; however, I know the pieces, elbow, leg, hand will go back on. The silly thing is that no sooner do we put them back on and finish Dick, then they will have to come back off. I hesitated in cutting this piece up for mold, because the T.W. Woods Gallery in Vermont is still trying to get the balance to cast him. And once I cut the sculpture apart and create molds and wax, it will not go back together again until it is in bronze. I will miss having Dick Hathaway around, but it is time. time to get him ready to go back to his Green Mountain state and to make room for more life-size pieces.

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