Just Bought a New Microphone, And Please Don’t Call Me Dumb!

I have been lusting after this microphone for a while. I know if I am going to lust after something I should probably lust after $800 mic and recording equipment instead of the MXL USB.007  But, I feel this is an upgrade from my Samson Co1U. Plus unlike the Samson this one is in stereo.

Adding the new podcast about Art and Technology on the digitalsculpting.net website made me feel a bit more comfortable about purchasing a new microphone.

I’m having some serious problems with sound quality and am hoping that this microphone will help to solve that.


I have been having trouble with my Heil boom arm. For those who don’t know  what that is. It holds the mic so I can talk during podcasts. I’m not sure I would ever buy a Heil again and really,  I think I might like to switch to a boom arm extension so it come up and over my screen. But anyway, I would set the mic up and it kept slowly moving down as I talked. It drove me crazy, to the point that I was holding it up by wedging scissors between the arm and a cabinet. Then today I looked at it closely… there is a weight on the end of the arm.  Don’t call me dumb.  I took the weight off and now it  longer moves.   Now in my defense, when I move this mic over to my area during podcasts, though it is in front of my nose, and in front of my eyes, I’m not looking at it. Usually, I’m looking at the screen or my notes or whatever.  O.k. I feel a little stupid.