The Secret Revealed!

I got a thumbs up. But it is Rachel’s thumbs up as well.

For about 4 months I have been working with a new secret client. It was a secret because we were creating it for her husband to be given to him at their Christmas Party. The party was this past Saturday. The subject was Dr. Brown of the Houston Hand Center. You know the commercial, with his little daughter, who reaches out for the camera.

The Brown family. I’m delighted to have done this for them.

Rachel, Dr. Brown’s wife, and I have been working on this commission for four months and we managed to pull it off even though Hurricane Ike came in the middle and tried to slow us down.Rachel graciously invited my husband and I to their company Christmas party. Something quite fun as we don’t work for a company and rarely get to go to a Christmas party.I also loved being there for the unveiling.

Rachel and I have pulled it off.

I also worked diligently to put together a video of the entire process. Rachel was so much fun to work with sending me photographs and letting me tape her voice. It was a blast to have that extra little something to go with the sculpture. The video was played at the party.Mr. Brown was delighted with his sculpture, and Ms. Brown expressed a desire to have the kids captured as life-size bronzes. We all agree, the Brown’s will be keeping me quite busy in the next year or so, but not too busy to take on other work, I’ll just be hiring new apprentices.Here are some photographs from the event.

He is excited when he sees it for the first time.

SHHHH…… Don’t Tell Anyone….

My newest project is hush, hush, until December when it is given as a gift from wife to husband. I love the idea of portrait sculpture as a gift. How can you go wrong? You are giving what will turn into a family heirloom. Envision this, Sculpture of children given to a parent or gandparent, wife with baby, husband with “man’s best friend”. What to give the person that has everything- commissioned portrait sculpture. I’ll often get calls from organziations. We really want to honor so-and-so for their work with our organziation. What can you give someone who has crystal vases and plaques on every wall? A commissioned sculpture of of their loved one. SO cool.

SURPRISE! Many women have difficulty with figuring out how to “hide” the large sums of money that are taken out of personal accounts on a regular basis to make the three payments. I have heard some interesting stories. This was the first time I ever had 100 bills wrapped in the little purple bank sleeve with 2,000 on it! Felt strange. Sorry, No pictures until December on this project. I am also going to create a video of the process so that it can play at the christmas party and she can have a documentation of the process. An added feature of surprise and intrigue!