The Process of Creating God’s Word Collectibles- A Movie

Ephesians 6:10-18

I have been working on my first video production for a couple of weeks. I thought you might like to take a look. This is the first time to 1. make a movie using imovie and my mac, 2. upload movies to youtube, 3. try and post this on my blog. I hope this works.

The video was created for my other website It is about the creative process and inspiration of the God’s Word Collectible gift series.

By the way, if you look closely you will see the piece that I mention in a former post. One that I have been working on that concerns my mom. It is of course in the “working” stage and not complete.

Video For the Web? Coming Soon

I have been busy trying to locate all of the television footage that has been created on my work and then have it digitized for the web. HUGE learning process for me. I hope to have them displayed soon. In the meantime I keep wishing I had video clips of my research for the book that I have finished “Bringing to Life the Spirit of the Deceased- A Sculptor’s Journey.” I thought there would be some interest in the subject. I sent out many press releases about it. We will see, if not I think I just might look at creating my own videos. In my spare time.