Cats All Over My Desk

There are pictures of cats all over the artists desk.  She has  combed the internet, the zoo photographs and other areas to find inspiration for the Grambling Tiger!  She sits in her office upstairs from her  studio with a desk covered in cats.   The artists personal deadline for having this 3D sculpted model of the Grambling Tiger is Monday the 18th of June.  She is trying to stay ahead of the game.  Still waiting for some information from Grambling State University. 

ART STUDENTS For those art students reading this blog the artist wanted to share a bit about her process and materials. 

I have recorded in a previous post that I use digital technology in the preparing of these traditional sculptures.  Here are two articles that I wrote about this for Sculptural Review in 2007. Mongeon, Bridgette. “Exploring Digital Technologies as Applied to Traditional Sculpting.” 
    Sculpture Review. (Winter 2007) 30. pdf
    Sculpture Review. (Winter 2007) 32. pdf

Mongeon, Bridgette. “The American.” Don’t forget to see the previous post It really does explain some of the processes and how I started using digital technology.  I have lots of posts on my personal blog about how I use digital processes for presentation, sculpting and armature building in the traditional process of sculpting, something I call tra-digi art.   Here are some blog posts to refer to on my personal blog. 

  • Here is a post about creating this presentation of an astronaut
  • And a post about the reference material for this presentation
  • I’m finishing up another project now. The blog for the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center is listed to the left. here is a post from my personal blog about the digital process on this. 
My favorite sculpture created 2011.
This is the sculpted piece. Compare it to the digital presentation below. 
The digital model used for presentation
Alice in Wonderland potential project. Mad Hatter tea party.
“Move one place on. ” Created with Daz, Poser and Zbrush.
  • The Ultimate Frisbee sculpture  is one of my favorite sculptures.  I created this last year. It was commissioned by a father for his son’s graduation. There is much on my personal blog about the creation of it. If you search for Poser or zbrush on my personal blog you will obtain lots of information about this process. Here is a link to one of those posts. 
  • Here is another project I was working on this week. This is on spec and probably won’t come down the wire for a while. It is an interactive life-size sculpture of The Mad Hatter Tea Party. I love it.

Want to know more about my work with tra-digi art? 

Check out the interview about my tra-digi work that was done by a graduate student in Austria. It has several parts- below are the links. An Austrian student interviews me on comparison of digital and traditional sculpture. Here are his questions and my answers.

  • An Austrian student interviews me on comparison of digital and traditional sculpture. 
  • What makes sculpting in clay appealing to you? An Austrian student interview cont.
  • Does your thought-process in digital sculpting programs differ from your thought-process in traditional sculpting? An Austrian student interview cont.
  • In which medium (digital or traditional) do you feel more secure and why? An Austrian student interview…cont
  • What do you miss in the digital sculpting technology? An Interview cont.
  • Which medium enables you to work more spontaneously? An Interview cont.
  • Faced with a choice: Which input device would you prefer – Tablet or haptic device? An Austrian student interview cont.
  • Is it easy for you to identify and judge 3-dimensional shapes, distances and proportions on a computer screen? An interview cont.
  • In which medium is it easier for you to concentrate? An interview cont.

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