Coloring of a 24 Foot Bronze

Patina is the color put on metal through the introduction of chemical and heat. This is a massive sculpture to patina and will take a team of qualified foundry workers days . The sculpture will be a traditional bronze patina.  The foundry has made me some sample plates while I was visiting.  I have a variety of different texture and am known for my textures. Varied texture helps give a greater variation within a small color pallet. The key will be:
1. To work with color and the texture to make the sculpture pop.
2. To make color cohesiveness between the pieces.
3. To help bring the eye through the entire 24 foot sculpture with the use of the pieces themselves, negative space , and color.

This is VERY hard to do when I’m not there watching. Here is the beginning of notes to the foundry. We will work closely with each other to be sure everything is just right.

They have to work hard and fast as humidity and temperature will have an affect on the metal.

Bridgette Mongeon sculpts the Mad Hatter
The Mad hatter and his chair are huge. There is a lot to patina
Bridgette Mongeon sculpts the March Hare
The March hare will really pop once some color is added.
March Hare Watch and cup patina. I’m very particular about this. My dream is that one day this watch is featured along with my work on Sunday Morning.
Bridgette Mongeon sculpts Alice In Wonderland
The Alice Patina. I can’t wait to see how this comes out.
Bridgette Mongeon sculpts a Mad Hatter Tea party
The table. There is so much here. Patina will really make this pop.

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