Comparisons- Did Professor Hathaway have a large head?

I find myself yearning for something to compare.  Nancy said she had a picture of herself with Dick.  I was so intrigued.  If Dick is on the same plane as Nancy’s face then I can utilize her face to get the size of Dick’s head.  Funny, the more I think about Dick’s head the more I ask myself, “Wasn’t it larger than normal?”  I laugh thinking that maybe I am imagining his intelligence and replacing it for the actual size of his head, but then again I can’t help but wonder.  Did Dick Hathaway’s head larger than normal?

            I wished I had my sculpting calipers and could have measured Nancy’s head to compare it to Dick’s, but because I was the one initiating the project I wondered if I was intruding too much on Nancy, even if Nancy seemed very comfortable with my requests. 

            I am grateful of her acceptance of the project because I have found there are two totally different views about posthumous sculpture; you either love it or hate it. Having a three dimensional figure of a loved one that you can touch is difficult for some people, it may be difficult for some of the readers of this blog who see the sculpture.  For others it is the greatest tribute. I think about Patsy and I hope her grandchildren will come to her sculpture and talk with her.  Maybe slip love notes or flowers in her bronze hands.

            And with the sculpture of Dick I hope people ask, “Who is the man that is motioning to me from across the green?” If people ask then those knowing and loving Dick can tell them what a great man he was, describe his passions and in turn the they and Dick live on.

            I asked Nancy, Dick’s step-daughter, if someone could take a photograph of her holding a ruler under her chin.  What a silly question to ask someone.  But to the artist this is so important.  Does anyone reading this blog have a picture of himself or herself with Dick both on the same plane?  If so, could they send it to me and would they mind helping me with measurements?  I need this ASAP.

            I found some photographs in the memorial photographs with Dick next to the podium at Vermont College.  Before leaving I went and measured the podium.  Maybe I can utilize this to help me to find Dick’s measurements.  Compare, Compare, Compare.

I still find myself yearning for the clothes. Shoes….

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